Frequently asked questions

Who can play this game?

Anybody from 10 - 99 years of age can play in our escape rooms. You can bring your friends, parents, kids or co-workers with you.

Can I park my car in the near lot?

You can park your car near the entrance to our building.

Am I going to need some special skills or knowledge?

You will only need common sense, little bit of logic and good spirit. There is no math, physics or history.

And what about physical strength?

You won't need that either. The only muscle you'll need is your brain.

When should we arrive?

The ideal time is about 5 minutes earlier than is the time of your reservation.

How long does the game take?

Our rooms are designed for 60 minutes game. Another 15 minutes takes the before game orientation.

What should I wear?

Casual, whatever you like.

Is the game scary?

No, only mysterious.

Are animals a part of the experience?

No animals, the only living things in there will be you. ;)

Is the game difficult?

You can set the difficulty before you enter. Just tell our crew how difficult you want it to be.