A little bit about ESCAPEGAME


Company info

Company Name Bc. Miroslav Studník
Headquarters Hradec nad Moravicí, Na Hrobkách 54, 747 41
CRN 73259616
Phone +420 739 063 321
Email info@escapegame.cz
Bank acc. number 2001058473/2010
IBAN CZ3320100000002001058473
Owner: Dr. Jones Jiří Borský, IČO: 88192776

Experience 1 hour of fun, adrenalin with your quick wit in our escape rooms. We invite you to play interactive game where you will need to utilize perception, logic, dexterity and more. These games are full of challenges which can be more easily solved with your friends rather than just by yourself. Try, what is like to pick locks, break into a vault, dust for fingerprints, circumvent security and many more.

It is a great opportunity for you and your friends, family quest with kids, or just for unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Process of the game can be effectively adjusted to become part of you company teambuilding.

We build and run escape rooms in Ostrava and Opava. We keep developing better and more interesting riddles thus, increasing the technological level, so that every escape from our rooms was thriling experience for every player in your team.

Escape Rooms Addresses

King Arthur Ostrava, Slévárenská 415/4
Al Capone Ostrava, Slévárenská 415/4
Zero chance Ostrava, Slévárenská 415/4
Dr. Jones Bruntál, Hotel Slezan, Revoluční 20
Pirates Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, Horní 25
Agent 007 Opava, Vyhlídalova 11