Escape game Ostrava, Opava

Take your friends, family or your loved ones and experience 60 minutes of excitement in our rooms.

2 years experience
Private parking
Suitable for banquet
Genuine riddles
2 rooms
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Experience unforgettable 60 minutes


Fully-fatured play for up to 6 players

Experience 1 hour of fun, adrenaline and your own wit in our escape rooms. We invite you to play interactive games and utilize your perception, logic, dexterity and quick wit. These games are full of challenges which can be more easily solved with your friends rather than just by yourself. Try, what is like to pick locks, break into a vault, dust for fingerprints, circumvent security and many more.

2 private parking spaces


Choose the game difficulty

Group price

3 - 6 players

Are your friends the kind that likes to solve riddles? If yes, bring them to our rooms and we make sure that they won't get bored.

Because the game is not age restricted, it is also suitable for families with kids.

Last but not least, our rooms can be used for teambuilding.

Skupinová cena
1 200 kč

For couples

2 Players

Bring your significant other or your friend and find out how great you are as a team.

Cena pro páry
600 kč
Dárkový poukaz


Gift this voucher for free entry to our escape rooms to your friends or family.


What pople say

Parádní zábava, dobře promyšlené detaily. Když vám utíká čas a víte, že vám jde o kejhák, tak přichází i stres a napětí :) Byli jsme 4 a všichni jsme byli naplno zapojeni do hry a moc si to užili :) Je super, že si můžete zvolit, jak složitou hru chcete mít (podle počtu nápověd). Už se těšíme na další místnost.



Where you can find us

Al Capone

Ostrava, Slévárenská 415/4
Mon - Sun, 12:00 - 20:00

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