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You find yourself to be in the cabin of captain Blackbeard (Edward Teach) on his ship Queen Anne's Revenge. With this ship Blackbeard became the most feared pirate.

Word is that he always had 6 pistols and 2 sabres on him. He also had numerous portfires embroiled in his hair. His ship Queen Anne's Revenge was the most fearde pirate ship of all time... It is now the year 1718, the golden age of piracy in the Carribean. Queen Anne's Revenge plunders ship by ship that tries to get in the harbour. During the last crusade against Blackbeard, when he was killed, the ship was suddenly without a captain and noone wanted get behind the wheel. But in the personal cabin was inprisoned desertuer Jack from his crew. jack hid secret map to the treasure that can now be yours.

You and your crew are what's left from Blackbeard's crew and also friends of Jack. You managed to get in Blackbeard's cabin and now you have 60 minutes before the reinforcements arive. Now you have to use every sense you got, communication, observation and logic to unlock the cell and obtain the key to the map and the treasure!

Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, Horní 25

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3 - 6 players
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